Pelisterka – a classical flavor of ecological friendly mineral water, which is produced only with a natural gas. This is an excellent mineral water with a balanced context of minerals, which are need for optimal function of human organism and promotion everyday’s drinking regime during the day.

The origin of Pelisterka mineral water is southeast of Macedonia, the city of Bitola. The source is located at 2106 meters above the sea level. From Macedonian language Pelisterkais means the name of the source mountain “Pelister”.

Chemical composition

Pelisterka is a mineral water with a balanced amount of vital micro elements. Pelisterka consists of all required salts, but does not make the water salty. Pelisterka contains of calcium, magnesium, which are vital components for neural overload and stress. It also contains carbon dioxide, sodium, sulfate, potassium and fluorine in small amounts.           

All of them increase the value of natural water.

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Pelisterka Mineral Water Factory

«PELISTERKA FACTORY» - is the biggest producer of Macedonian mineral water. The mineral water Pelisterka is a recognized brand almost everywhere, exists since 1953 and has become the synonim for mineral carbonated water. Nowadays the company has been keeping the leading positions in Macedonian market.

One of the main advantages of the factory is its location, what is built just on the source. It allows to supply water, then to bottle it directly from the source, saving all of its useful properties.

Pelisterka wells out from arable bores up to 100 meters deep, made by carbonated mineral water sources in the area of Bitola, and it represents a sparkling natural mineral water with natural gas.

Pelisterka Spring

Macedonia is very rich country by mineral sources and different resorts. On its small territory there are about hundreds of warm and hot sources, with mineral waters. Passing through the strata of rocks, mineral water is enriched with healing properties and has a diverse chemical composition.

According to the standards of general minerals analysis, it belongs to the group of low-mineral hydrocarbon magnocalciums. It also belongs to the group of mineral drinking water with low mineralization that can be consumed during the curing process of hydroptherapentic treatment.

Using the Pelisterka mineral water for drinking and baths has a prophylactic effect on inflammatory diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, gall bladder, pancreas, and peripheral nervous system, and metabolic disorders..


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